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Good Samaritans Spreading Good Cheer

, , , | Right | May 3, 2022

I worked at a large retail chain, and I got to meet one of the many good Samaritans who help pay off layaway.

Good Samaritan: “I want to pay off things for kids, like bikes and such. No video games — I want to pay for things that keep kids playing.”

Then, after we went through all those tabs, they still had money left.

Me: “What’s next?”

Good Samaritan: “You decide.”

I picked tickets for customers who I knew were elderly or on a tight budget and let the person decide. That was seriously one of the best times ever. They wanted to just quietly come in, pay off useful tickets, and help others.

When I got to make the list of calls that tabs were paid off, some of the people wanted to know who did it so they could thank the person. However, the good Samaritan made me promise not to call any of them until I was done and they left the store. And to this day, I’ll never tell anyone who it was. But the joy for some of those people was amazing that I even cried with a couple when they came to get their items.

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