Good Pizza Is Worth Travelling For

, , , | Right | December 7, 2017

(I’m the customer in this story. My mom usually adds certain restaurants to her speed dial for convenience. On this specific occasion we have just gotten home from a long road trip.)

Employee: “Hello, [Pizza Place], Name please?”

Me: “Hi, my name is [My Name], and I’d like a medium pepperoni pizza, please, for pick-up.”

Employee: “Okay, Miss [My Name], it’ll be ready in about 15 minutes.”

(Fifteen minutes later, I drive to the nearest known location, only to be told that they don’t have my order or my phone number in their records. I check the number again.)

Me: “Hey, Mom. The number they provide and the one in your speed dial don’t match up.”

Mom: “Oh. Try calling them back maybe?”

Me: *already on phone with the place I had called* “Hello, it’s [My Name] again. Um, I have a stupid question. Where are you located?”

Employee: *sounding bemused* “We are located in [city about seven hours away].”

Me: *trying not to laugh* “I am so sorry, could you please cancel my order? I’m afraid I won’t be able to pick it up in time.”

Employee: “Sure thing, miss.”

Me: “Thank you, and have a wonderful day, sir.”

(After hanging up, I relay the story to my mom and we both have a giggle over it and how we’d have to drive a good seven hours for pizza. I then call the correct number.)

Me: “Hello, my name is [My Name]; are you located at [nearby street]?”

Employee: “Ma’am, you were here just five minutes ago.”

(I place my order, while containing my giggles, and go over to pick up my pizza. Out of embarrassment, I relay the story to the clerk in order to clear up the earlier confusion before paying for the pizza.)

Employee: “Well, that would’ve been one heck of a drive!”

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