Good Mac And Cheese Needs No Embellishment

, , , , , | Working | April 2, 2020

(My friend and I are at a convention. He is vegetarian, and the hotel menu is very limited on non-meat options.)

Friend: “Excuse me, would it be possible to get the lobster mac and cheese without the lobster?”

Waiter: “I think it’s on top, not mixed in. I’ll check with the chef.”

(The waiter confirms that the mac and cheese can come without the lobster, so my friend orders. Twenty minutes later, a small serving of mac and cheese arrives, covered in…)

Friend: “Is this bacon?

Waiter: “Yes, the chef just couldn’t send it out here without anything on it!”

Friend: “I’m vegetarian, which is why I asked for just the mac and cheese. No toppings. Just the mac-and-cheese.”

(The waiter took the plate back to the kitchen. Ten minutes later, another side of mac and cheese arrived, this time covered in potato chips. They charged us full price for the lobster mac and cheese.)

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