Good Luck Managing Your Way Out Of This One

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My husband used to work at a well-known chain grocery store. He left to go on stress leave because this one manager kept on yelling at him for no reason other than doing his job. That stress leave went to state disability and then to permanent disability for additional reasons.

Skip to five years later. My husband was talking to one of the parents who had a son in our son’s Cub Scout den. He told my husband something about this manager that shocked me.

An employee from the deli section had to leave early because their child got sick at school. It sounds like a reasonable reason to me. This manager actually called the school and pretended to be the parent. The school looked at the caller ID and noticed the name of the store then asked this manager, “[Parent], didn’t you just pick up your child twenty minutes ago?”

I am not sure what the manager said but the school called the employee and told them about the call. The employee was unsurprisingly pissed. They are now suing the store and the manager. Not only that, but the manager broke a few laws by doing this. According to my husband, this manager has caused quite a few HR issues over the years.

The only reason this manager hasn’t gotten fired is that her parents are big-time contributors to the store. If this lawsuit comes to a class-action against her, I am going to encourage my husband to join it because he developed complex PTSD due to the company’s and, most especially, her treatment of him.

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