Good Lord, What Weather!

, , , , | Friendly | April 3, 2019

(We live in the heart of the Bible belt. My son and I are heading down the highway on a miserable day. The mix of ice and rain has been falling for hours. He had come to pick me up so that I didn’t have to drive. Traffic is understandably slow. As we creep along, we see the slowdown is caused by a car askew on the shoulder. My son pulls over, and we get out and approach the car.)

Son: “Is everyone okay?”

Driver: “Yes. It’s just me. The car skidded and now I’m stuck. One back tire is off the pavement and the other isn’t getting traction.”

(My son goes back to his car and pulls out a bag and a tarp. He pours kitty litter around the wheel on the pavement and stuffs the tarp under the wheel in the mud.)

Son: “Start it up and try moving very slowly.”

(The driver does this while my son and I push, and the car crawls back up on the pavement. My son collects the tarp, shakes off some of the mud, and puts it and the bag back in his trunk.)

Son: “Okay. Good luck with your journey. Be careful.”

Driver: “Oh, thank you! This is proof of God. I prayed for help and you were an answer to my prayers.”

Son: “That’s great. God sent you a couple of atheists because even he knew all the good Christians would leave you on the side of the road.”

(With that, we drove off, getting safely into town.)

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