Good Humanity Beats Bad Technology

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I teach ESL via an online school. Due to being a remote virtual job, with students in countries with unreliable Internet service, having technical difficulties is a common occurrence. Usually, I can make it work, but sometimes it gets in the way of class.

One day, I had a new student, and from the beginning, the tech problems were a nightmare. It alternated between him not being able to see or hear me, me not being able to see or hear him, the slides not working, or the slides working but only for one of us. The classes are only thirty minutes long, but we only spent about ten percent of that doing class.

Of course, once the problems were finally fixed, we had only a minute of class time left! I apologized to the student, who was about ten years old, that we couldn’t do a proper class and said I would see him next time.

Just as the system timed out and sent me to a new class, the student, who had sat patiently through everything, just smiled and said, “Thank you; I had fun. Goodbye! I love you!” and then blew me a kiss!

I was so surprised, but also touched. It made the rest of the sessions, which were no better technology-wise, a bit easier to handle.

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