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Good Honest Work

| Working | November 29, 2015

(I have been working at this hotel for a couple of months, but I normally work the evening shift. One time when I am asked to work a morning shift, I get confused over a check-out and accidentally refund a customer about $150 when she actually OWED that amount. Naturally, I’m freaking out, but I call my manager and the customer to explain the situation, and the accounting manager also is involved.)

Accounting Manager: “Well, you’re only human. This COULD be an automatic termination, but you’re a really good employee, nothing like this has ever happened with you before, AND you’re working a shift you almost never do, so it’s just going to be a write up, okay?”

Me: “O- okay. Thank you so much. I know I really messed up…”                                   

Accounting Manager: “Hey, it happens. Really, we’ve had far bigger screw-ups, and this won’t be the last. You’ll be fine.”

(She let me go on an early break, and shortly after I came back from it, the customer actually came back to the hotel to return the money (we waived the original fee she owed for her honesty), which was a huge relief.)

Accounting Manager: “Awesome! I mean, you’ll still be written up, you know, but at least we’ve got our books balanced now!”

Me: “Yeah, I feel a lot better with that settled. And I can’t argue with a write up; I did mess up.”

Accounting Manager: “But hey, it all got fixed in the end, and I’m sure this will fall off your record before it can actually hurt you.”

Me: “Here’s hoping!”

(She disappears into the back office for a bit, and I continue on with my day, still a bit shaken but feeling a bit better, until…)

Accounting Manager: “It’s your lucky day, girl; you’re not even getting a write-up anymore!”

Me: “R- really!? Why not?”

Accounting Manager: “Well [Assistant Manager] still thought you should get it, but [Head of HR] pointed out that you caught your mistake immediately, you reported it to everyone who needed to know, AND you got the money back. Yeah, you made a mistake, but you did everything right to fix it, so it didn’t seem right to punish you!”

Me: “Oh, my God, thank you so much!”

Accounting Manager: “Hey, thank [Head of HR]. She’s the one who stuck up for you!”

(I did exactly that, but she insisted it was all my doing for being honest. It’s seriously awesome to work in a place where honesty and hard work really do pay dividends, and I am so grateful to everyone involved that day for their understanding and support!)