Good Friends Sticker Together

| Friendly | June 17, 2015

(I recently entered a giveaway with my electricity company, with a guaranteed prize, and have been sent two sheets of stickers with the company’s mascot. I knock on my flatmate’s door.)

Me: “Hey, would you like some stickers?”

Flatmate: “No… I’m good thanks. Where did you get them from?”

(I explain.)

Me: “I was hoping they’d send me a toy but, nope, I got stickers.”

Flatmate: “That’s kinda weird.”

Me: “Fine. I’m going to make dinner and think about where to stick these.”

(I go to make dinner. My flatmate comes in and we end up chatting. Throughout the conversation, I continue to try to convince her that we should decorate the flat with the stickers but no dice. Then, as she’s leaving, she notices that I’ve put a sticker on the bin.)

Flatmate: “That’s so cute! Hey, where did you put the rest of them?”

Me: “Table. Food first and then I’m going to decorate. Not sure where I can stick them without peeling off paint or wood though.”

Flatmate: “Well, we could put some on the boiler.” *goes to the boiler and peels some off* “Ooh, and we could maybe put this one on the door.”

(Long story short, next time I looked around the flat, my flatmate had covered various surfaces in little mascot stickers. Where was this enthusiasm when I asked for it?)

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