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The Good Friday Before The Bad Manager

, , , , | Working | April 1, 2018

My husband works for a large chain grocery store, and has recently had a change in management. He is a department manager, and has a new store manager.

Corporate policy is that you must take your vacation days by a certain date, and you must ask for the time off in advance. My husband asks for the week before Easter off to go see his family across the country. We haven’t seen them in five years, and the week he asked for is Spring Break for our school-age children, so it is a perfect time to go.

He requests the time off two months ahead of time, but his boss turns him down, because that Sunday is Easter Sunday and he doesn’t want my husband to be gone on “such a busy day.” My husband explains his reasons why this is the only time that will work with all of our schedules before the vacation days expire. His boss smiles while he says, “Sorry, but I can’t have you out during Easter.” My husband isn’t happy, but has to deal with it anyway.

The Monday before Easter, at their weekly staff meeting, the manager says to let him know if anyone needs anything, because he will be on vacation the weekend of Easter.

My husband very nearly punches him and quits on the spot! Thankfully, he keeps his cool and starts looking for another job.

Question of the Week

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