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Good Food And Better People

, , , | Working | July 15, 2016

(I’m in my hometown after being gone for a decade to attend my sister’s memorial service. She was 28 and her death was not a pleasant one. Obviously, I am not doing so great. I get to town early and decide to grab lunch from my favorite restaurant before going home and getting ready for the service.)

Owner: “Hey, [My Name], can I get you the usual? Oh, you look upset. What’s wrong? ”

(Near tears, I explain the reason for my visit back to my hometown.)

Owner: “Oh, honey, I’m so sorry. You sit tight and I’ll be right back.”

(After a while the owner comes back with my order and several HUGE bags of food to go.)

Owner: “Here, take this to your family and have dinner on me after the funeral. Nobody should have to cook at a time like this.”

(Not only did she remember my name and my usual after not seeing me for ten years, but she had remembered the favorite dishes of the rest of my family, too. It brought a little ray of sunshine into a really hard day for me and my family.)

Question of the Week

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