Good At Being Woman

| Right | July 25, 2017

(I work in a craft retail store in an area with a high Eastern European and Russian population. Many women shop there to make their own skirts. I had just cut this customer’s fabric, when this exchange happens.)

Customer: “Thank you very much.” *starts to walk away*

(The customer’s son tugs at the customer. He is probably three or four.)

Customer’s Son: *asks question in native language*

Customer: *replies*

Customer’s Son: *makes short statement*

Customer: *cracks up laughing*

Me: *confused*

Customer: “He says you are a GOOD WOMAN!” *still laughing boisterously*

(Apparently he had asked her if I cut the fabric correctly, and when she replied that I had, he made a matter of fact statement as to my abilities at being a female person.)

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