Gonna Return It Like It’s 1999

| Related | December 18, 2015

(I see a receipt to a local clothing retailer taped to the whiteboard, indicating my mother was going to follow up with it. I looked closely and saw the date of the receipt say “05/19/00.” At first, I thought I read wrong, until I realized it was a receipt from 2000.)

Me: “Mom, what is this receipt doing on the whiteboard?”

Mother: “Oh, well, there’s this pair of jeans I want to return.”

Me: “…This receipt is from 2000.”

Mother: “I know, but…”

Me: “No, mom!”

Mother: “But!”

Me: “No! In the trash!”

Mother: “Fineeeeeee.”

(I prevented a poor unsuspecting sales associate from dealing with THAT.)

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