Going Viral Old-School

| Related | January 20, 2014

(It’s the middle of the night. My sister and I are sitting on the couch watching TV. Suddenly our dad comes out of the study laughing.)

Dad: “What are you girls doing right now?”

Sister: “Why?”

Dad: “Come here. I’ve got to show you something.”

Me: “[Sister’s Name], you go and report back.”

(My sister goes with my dad into the study and, after about a minute, I hear them laughing. My sister comes back nearly in tears.)

Me: “What was it?”

Sister: “It was a scene from a movie where two guys are having a spit fight and one spits in the other’s mouth!”

Me: “Ewwww…”

(Suddenly we see our dad taking his laptop into his room.)

Sister: “Is he going to wake up mum just to show her that?”

(After about a minute he comes back out laughing and goes to the front door with the laptop.)

Me: “Wait… Is he going to go outside to show the neighbours now?”

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