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Going Up And Standing Up

| Friendly | January 9, 2015

(My friend has several birth defects, which means she can’t use stairs or walk long distances and is legally viewed as disabled. We stay with her for support when she has to use an elevator/lift to go one or two floors up or down, as people can ridicule her for it. Today, we’re going up one floor to use the library and are getting the lift with a group of guys who are clearly friends.)

Guy #1: *sees we’re going up one floor* “Oh. That’s just lazy.”

Me: *calmly* “She has several birth defects, meaning she’s in pain just standing let alone using the stairs. It also means she needs a double hip replacement and she’s only 17.”

(The guys are silent.)

Guy #2: *to Guy #1* “Bet you feel like a right d*** now.”

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