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Going Toe To Toe With The Receptionist

| Working | August 3, 2016

(It’s Friday afternoon. I have had an ingrown toenail removed at a last minute appointment. The foot doctor explains that I will need to take some antibiotics for a few days in order for the infection to heal. He writes a note for me to give to my doctor in order to get the antibiotics. My boyfriend drives me to my surgery and I walk in, wearing sandals exposing my toe which is covered in bandages.)

Me: “Excuse me; can you please give this to the doctor at once? It’s very important.”

Receptionist: “Yeah, sure.”

(He stamps the note and puts it in a pigeon-hole, before continuing with whatever he was doing beforehand.)

Me: “Uh, no, the doctor needs to get that now. I’ve just had my toenail removed and—“

Receptionist: “The doctor is in in surgery now. You can come back on Monday.”

Me: “No, I need the antibiotics now. I can’t wait until Monday, that’s three days away. Please give the note to the doctor now.”

Receptionist: “He’s in surgery so…”

Me: “Yes, I’m aware of that. I can wait a few minutes until he’s free but I need to get a prescription from him.”

Receptionist: *sighs* “Come back in an hour. You may be able to see him then.”

(My boyfriend drives me home and I tell my parents what has happened. 50 minutes later, we go back to the surgery.)

Me: “I’m here for my prescription.”

Receptionist: “The doctor has been in surgery—“

Doctor: *exiting into foyer* “Ah, [My Name]! Here’s your prescription. I’ve given you [Drug] and hopefully that should do the trick. Let me know if there are any problems!”

Me: “Thanks!”

(As we leave, the receptionist rolls his eyes. Luckily the pills worked and my toe is healing nicely.)

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