Going To Spring Roll Around For Another Argument

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(I work at an Asian fast food restaurant. We offer three basic meals where you can put whatever food items you wish in the meal. The most popular of these comes with one side and two entrees. We also issue a coupon that says you can get an additional entree for free with the purchase of this meal.)

Me: “Hi! Welcome to [Restaurant]. Would you like to try any samples today?”

Customer: “No. I have this coupon, and I wanted to ask you what it is for.”

Me: “Sure! This coupon allows you to get an entree box with anything you’d like in it for free, as long as you also purchase one of our meals with two entrees and a side.”

Customer: “Okay. What counts as an entree?”

Me: “Any of our meats count as an entree, or you could use that coupon for an egg roll or an order of spring rolls.”

(I gesture to the table of food in front of me.)

Customer: “Okay. Can I try a sample of [food item]?”

Me: “Sure!” *gets her a sample of several entrees*

Customer: “I’ll take some spring rolls.”

Me: “Okay. What else can I get for you today?”

(I take her order. We get to the register, and I ask for the coupon. She can see on the screen on the other side of the register the amount that was taken off of the total.)

Customer: “Why did it only take [amount] off?”

Me: “Well, that was the price of the spring rolls and that is the extra entree that you asked for to use the coupon on. You didn’t get anything else I could apply the coupon to, and it would still be the same dollar amount taken off, anyway.”

Customer: “I thought I got a free entree?”

Me: “You did. I rang the spring rolls up for [price], and then I discounted your check for [same price].”

Customer: “No, I mean, I thought I got an entree for free.”

Me: *not really knowing what else to say at this point, I simply say* “You did.”

Customer: *rolling her eyes in a way that seems to say, “This guy is cheating me, but I don’t have the energy to deal with it.”* “Okay.”

(The transaction continues and she goes to her table after paying. I bring the food over when ready.)

Me: “Here is that food you were waiting on. Also, something just occurred to me. I think we may have just been having a miscommunication back at the register. You see, the spring rolls that I gave you are normally [higher price] when not being purchased with a meal. I think that might have been the reason we were having trouble understanding each other. I actually just rang them up as an extra entree on your meal so they were cheaper. That way, I can use the coupon that allows me to discount [same price] and the spring rolls are free.”

Customer: “No, that wasn’t what I was confused about. I just thought the coupon was for an entree.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. It is. That’s what you got.”

Customer: “No. All I got were these spring rolls.”

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