Going To Lose Sleep Over That

| USA | Friendly | October 27, 2015

(I’m in my fourth year of college and my little sister comes to visit for a few days. Too bored to stay at home, she decides to tag along to a few of my lectures. We’re walking to my first class and I’m pointing out some of the unique things about campus.)

Me: “And college students sleep ANYWHERE. On the benches, in the halls, in the bathroom, even…”

(We’re approaching a busy intersection in the middle of campus, and there’s a guy with a backpack lying face-down in the middle of the sidewalk.)

Me: “See? ANYWHERE.”

(I step around him and hurry to cross the street before the light changes.)

Sister: “Um… Are you sure he’s okay? Shouldn’t we—”

Me: “He’s fine; we’re gonna miss the light!”

(She reluctantly lets me pull her across the street, but once across we look back. The guy is now surrounded by people. Someone actually jumped out of their car–leaving it running in the intersection–to check on him. He’s groggily being helped to his feet, looking disoriented and pale. It’s very obvious that he passed out. My sister turns and stares at me.)

Me: “…Oh, my gosh, I am a horrible person.”

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