Going To Be Here Indefinitely

| Right | May 12, 2017

(My roommate and I are running network cable through our house and found that we still needed one more cable to connect another device. We went to a parts store that apparently cut custom length cables upon request.)

Cashier: “Hello, welcome to [Computer Store]. How can I help you?”

Me: “I need a CAT-5 cable to connect my friend’s computer to the network.”

Cashier: “Okay, we can do that. How long do you want it?”

Me: “Uh… indefinitely, I guess. I am buying it.” *it did not immediately occur to me what exactly the cashier was asking*


Cashier: “No, what length do you want it?”

(My friend and I started to laugh but I don’t think the cashier saw the humor of my stupidity.)

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