Going Through A Rebellious Streak

| Learning | October 10, 2013

(I am a student teacher observing my mentor teacher walk her class through a lab sheet. As part of the class requirements, we are going over rocks and minerals, and how to identify them by the color of their residue.)

Mentor Teacher: *examines the response that Student #1 has written* “[Student #1], could I please borrow your sheet?”

(Student #1 passes their sheet to the mentor teacher.)

Mentor Teacher: *holds up sheet and indicates one of the questions* “For this section, please make sure to emphasize that when you use the plate to obtain the residue, that this is the mineral streaking test, instead of writing something like: ‘In [Mentor Teacher]’s class, [Student #2] and I streaked.'”

(A brief moment of silence occurs as everyone processes what [Student #1] has written. In the following moment, the class bursts into laughter in unison.)

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