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Going To Milk This One Forever

, , , | Romantic | July 14, 2017

(My wife is in the living room on her laptop. I’ve just made her a bowl of cereal and I go to hand it to her from behind when she turns to say something to me and her arm catches my hand, resulting in cereal spilling all over the laptop. Unfortunately, given that laptops aren’t usually supposed to eat cereal, it no longer works after this, so we embark on an ever-so-fun half-hour drive to the nearest appliance shop to get it sent off for repair.)

Me: *to the employee* “Hi, can we send our laptop off for repair? I was bringing her some cereal and—”

Wife: “We spilled… er… cow liquid on it.”

Me: “…cow liquid?”

Wife: “I forgot the word for milk, okay?”

(And that is why, from this point on, I will always refer to milk as cow liquid.)

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