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It’s Going To Be A Long Calendar Year

, , , | Right | May 11, 2018

(I work at a fast food restaurant that gives out calendars during fall. Like most places, it is a “while supplies last” basis, so we only order a large batch once. One year we give away all the calendars really quickly, and no customers think of it twice, except for one. I am working the drive-thru, which is always busy, and one lady, who I will reference as the Calendar Lady from now on, gives me a hard time. She pulls up to the window after ordering.)

Calendar Lady: “Don’t you usually hand out calendars?”

Me: “Yes; however, we already handed them all out. The coupons in the calendars are in the newspapers, too, if you are looking for coupons.”

Calendar Lady: “But I always get calendars every year.”

Me: “Sorry, but the demand was high, so we already gave them all out.”

Calendar Lady: “I come here every week, and I didn’t see them.”

Me: *getting frustrated* “Ma’am, they were displayed for the past few weeks.”

Calendar Lady: “How can that be? I never saw them. I get one every year.”

Me: *I don’t know what to do, or say* “Do you want to speak to the owner?”

Calendar Lady: “Yes, I would like that.”

(I turn around, and the manager is staring at me, so I tell her what’s going on. I then write down the restaurant’s phone number and give it to her.)

Me: “He’ll be in tomorrow morning.”

Calendar Lady: “Thank you. I’ll be sure to call.”

(She never did call the store. She came through again a year or so after and gave me a hard time about pricing changes when we add premium toppings on sundaes. I since quit working there, and I still get teased about the Calendar Lady.)

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