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Going To Hell For Leather For This Sale

, , , , | Working | May 23, 2018

(My mother takes my siblings and me out to dinner. Afterward, we decide to visit a nearby shoe store because both my sister and brother are in desperate need of new shoes. It should be noted that my sister doesn’t like to eat certain meats, like veal, or wear leather.)

Mom: “I think [Sister] should try on the shoes you got here last time, [My Name]. Do you know which ones they are?”

Me: “Yeah, they’re these.” *points to them*

Sister: *turns to associate* “Are they made of leather?”

Associate: “Yeah, most of our walking shoes are made of leather.”

Sister: *visibly disappointed* “Oh, I don’t want those, then. I can’t wear leather. I—”

Associate: “Oh, it’s okay! These are ‘young buck,’ so it’s like baby leather!”