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Going, Going, Go Home!

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I booked a two-day stay in California, but I booked the return flight for 5:00 in the morning instead of the evening. I go to the airport at about 3:00 pm to get my flight out. I go through security and go down to the gate and there is no activity at the gate. I check the schedule board and realize the mistake I made.

I go back to the airline desk and tell the agent what happened.

Me: “I don’t care if you send me all over the place if I can just get back to my home tomorrow.”

Agent: *Looking up flights* “I have something for about $800.”

Me: “That is fine. I’ll take it.”

Agent: *Continues looking* “There is another flight that goes through [Airport] for about $300.”

Me: “That’s great. I’ll take it. You’ve already saved me $500!”

The agent continues typing on the computer and hands me a ticket at no charge.

Me: *Almost speechless* “Thank you so much! I can’t believe it.”

I wrote a letter to the airline thanking them for being so nice when I was the one who couldn’t manage to book my own flight correctly.

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