Going Down The Wrong Route(r)

, , , , | Right | October 29, 2019

(I’ve been on a call with this customer for 22 minutes troubleshooting her Wi-Fi on her tablet.)

Me: “Let’s restart your router.”

Customer: “Okay. How do I reset it?”

Me: “You can unplug it or press the power button.”

Customer: “I can’t; it doesn’t have either of those.”

Me: “Hmm, is there a small hole that says reset?”

Customer: “Yes.”

(Four minutes later:)

Customer: “It won’t turn off.”

(There is no other troubleshooting I could possibly do at this point.)

Me: “Are you able to take the batteries out of it? We have to reset it.”

Customer’s Husband: “Take the batteries out of what?”

Me: “The router.”

Customer’s Husband: “The router? What do you mean?”

Me: “How do you get your Internet?”

Customer’s Husband: *chuckles* “Honey, how do you get your Internet?”

Customer: “Just around, from the neighbor, I guess?”

Me: “So… You don’t have a Wi-Fi router in your house?”

Both Simultaneously: “No.”

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