Going By The Original Definition Of A Caravan

, , , | Right | September 21, 2020

Our store is right across from a football stadium, which lies in a small town. It’s in the middle of tourist season and a French tourist approaches me.

Tourist: *In French* “Do you speak French?”

Me: “Sorry, I don’t understand.”

Tourist: *In bad English* “Is it possible to park our caravan outside?”

Me: “Do you mean for the night?”

Tourist: “Yes!”

Me: “That shouldn’t be any problem, but you have to wait until after eleven pm when the store closes, and at eight am tomorrow, when the store opens again, you have to move. Is that okay?”

Tourist: *Happily* “Yes, very good, no problem.”

I have the opening shift the next day. My mother drives to work and behold: around twenty to thirty caravans have taken over the entire parking spots around the football stadium! Apparently, I had misunderstood the tourist.

Mother: *In shock* “Oh, my God! Look at all those caravans! Who gave them permission to park there?”

Me: *Embarrassed* “I think I did.”

That morning, every customer that came to the store was talking about the army of caravans. I never told anyone that it was me that accidentally gave them permission. Luckily, the local football team didn’t have a match that day!

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