Going Against His Personal Prints-iples

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Our floor has two small commercial printers that serve all the department offices. One is located near the cubicles where temp workers and contractors are set up. It’s the closest for me, but lately, I had noticed that when I went to print documents, they wouldn’t always be there when I got to the printer. I put in a ticket with IT and found several other people had done so, as well. IT struggled to troubleshoot over the week, trying to figure out why the printer showed that it was printing documents, but hadn’t done so. The problem was inconsistent and seemed to come and go at random, and IT struggled to replicate it over the next few weeks. Eventually, they rerouted all documents to the far side of the floor, which was annoying.

One morning, IT asked to use my laptop to send a test document to the printer, trying to replicate the issue. He set up the laptop next to the printer to work. A moment later, I heard raised voices.

Apparently, the moment the document came hot off of the printer, the temp in the adjoining cubicle reached out, grabbed it, and threw it in his trash can! When we all came out of offices to see the issue, the IT guy was yelling at the temp for throwing out the paper, while the temp was angrily yelling at the IT guy for not fixing “his printer” from printing out random documents.

Turns out that whenever the temp was there, if he heard the printer start, he was throwing out the document as he thought it was his personal printer and didn’t want anything else printing from it. He only worked fifteen hours a week, explaining why the problem seemed to come and go. Because he had thrown out documents that needed to be shredded, and because he was so belligerent about it, he was let go from the company. Our printer was fine afterward.

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