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God Gave You Two Ears And Two Side’s

, , , , , | Right | January 11, 2019

(I work at a popular southern fast food joint. We serve dinners that can either come with one or two sides, but two sides cost more. A lady comes up to my register to order. She is talking on the phone to her friend.)

Me: “Hello! Will this be dine in or carry out?”

Customer: “I want a five-dollar two-piece chicken dinner, dark meat, with green beans and mac and cheese.”

Me: “Okay. But will this be dine in or carry out?”

Customer: *talks to friend on the phone*

Me: “Ma’am, dine in or carry out? I can’t put your order into the register unless I press dine in or carry out. Also, getting two side orders makes the price go up. Is that okay?”

Customer: “Did you not just hear me? I told you my order.”

Me: *trying not to lose my patience, I just press carry out* “Would you like anything else?”

Customer: “How much is it?”

Me: “It’ll be $6.59.”

Customer: *gives me her card while continuing to talk on the phone*

(I swipe her card and pack her dinner to go. When I go to hand her the dinner, she turns red.)

Customer: “I told you I wanted this for here! And why the h*** did you charge me $6.59? I ordered the five-dollar two-piece dinner!”

Me: “Actually, you didn’t tell me anything. And if you had been paying attention, I told you that getting two sides makes it more expensive. Two sides aren’t part of the five-dollar deal.”

Customer: “I’m never coming back here ever again. Y’all have the worst customer service ever!”

Me: “You have a nice day, ma’am.”

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