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Go Volunteer At The Pound Or Something, Weirdo

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I trapped a pregnant stray cat and put her in my bathroom just two days before she gave birth. I posted about the kittens on social media, and my sister immediately shared my post on her own page.

Then, a person I didn’t know messaged me.

Person: “Can I come to see the kittens?”

Me: “I don’t know you.”

Person: “I work at [Restaurant] with [Sister].”

Me: “Oh. Sorry, no visitors.”

Person: “It would only be for like an hour. I love kittens.”

Me: “Again, I am not having visitors.”

Person: “Okay, but like ten minutes? That’s all.”

I blocked [Person], and then I called [Sister] and explained what happened.

Sister: “Oh, yeah, he’s weird. I was nice to him at work, and now he calls me every weekend to ask if I want to hang out. If we weren’t still coworkers, I’d block him, too.”

Me: “Yeah… Please don’t share my posts anymore.”

Sister: “No problem! Sorry about that.”

The kittens are doing well, and their mama is scheduled to be spayed within a few weeks.

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