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Go Upstairs, Go Downstairs, I Don’t Cares, Just Go Away!

, , , , | Friendly | December 31, 2021

I’m just about to go into the men’s room when a woman pushes in front of me.

Me: “Err, excuse me.”

Woman: “Oh, you don’t mind, do you?”

Me: “I do, actually. Use the ladies’.”

Woman: “It’s closed for cleaning, so I’ll use this one.”

Me: “You won’t. There’s another downstairs and another upstairs and one right down the hall.”

Woman: “What are you complaining about? If anything, I should be the one that doesn’t want to use the men’s bathroom. Don’t worry, I won’t sneak a peek.”

Me: “Okay, now you’re being creepy. Use the women’s bathroom.”

Woman: “I can’t believe you’re being so difficult! Fine. I’ll use the other one, if it’s so d*** important to you.”

She scuttled off angrily.

Later, when my manager tried to chew me out, I explained what had actually happened, thinking the woman had lied about it, but my manager backed her up. I had to talk to her boss, who agreed with me outright and brought my manager and the other woman into a disciplinary meeting.

There was a very clearly-worded email explaining that anyone trying to force their way into a bathroom they didn’t belong in would be fired.

Thankfully, it didn’t happen again.

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