Go Over Your Boss’ Head, And It’ll Be Your Head

| Working | May 21, 2013

(At my restaurant, they’ve recently hired a shift manager and are training her. However, she constantly helps guests at the register without permission, and always makes mistakes because she hasn’t been trained on it yet.)

General Manager: “You know you’re not supposed to be working the register yet.”

Manager-in-Training: “I already have experience, so it doesn’t matter. I know how to use it.”

General Manager: “You’re supposed to be training on expo today. Then you can move on to register.”

Manager-in-Training: “How am I supposed to learn anything when you constantly have me doing dishes and serving?! Whatever! I’m going on my break now!”

General Manager: “It’s not your turn for a break yet.”

Manager-in-Training: “Yes it is! I am working a four hour shift today and it is the law that you give me my break!”

General Manager: “Fine. If you would like a break, why don’t you go sit down and do your training paperwork?”

(Instead of doing her paperwork, she sends an email to the regional manager complaining. Apparently, the regional manager wasn’t too pleased: a week later, my coworkers and I noticed she wasn’t on the schedule anymore.)

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