Should Go College To Study Common Decency

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(The company I work for has a contest for scholarships that is only open to our small, local clientele. As the newest person in the marketing department, I’ve been doing most of the legwork, coordinating with the family of the winner for a congratulatory luncheon in the office. As they arrive, I meet them at the door and hold the door open.)

Dad: “Oh, are you the gal that kept calling us?”

Me: “We’ve been talking, yes.”

Dad: “We’re just so proud of our little girl. First one in the family going to college!”

Me: “Good for her!”

Dad: “Did you finish school?”

Me: “Um… Yes. I finished college.”

Dad: “Go figure. Went to college and everything, and now they’ve got you holding doors open! Honey—” *he puts his hand on his daughter’s shoulder* “—you better study hard so you get a better degree than whatever this gal got!”

(He laughed, pointing at me, before going inside. I still can’t believe that, to this man, simply holding a door open for someone was proof that I was a loser! I’ve heard parents do that with retail or food service workers, but not for simply holding a door in an office.)

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