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, , , | Learning | May 21, 2017

(We are doing an experiment with acids. My partner has been sneaking chocolate out of her bag every few minutes. The teacher notices.)

Teacher: “Do not eat in a science classroom!”

Partner: *mumbling with chocolate* “Sorry, mith.”

(She completely ignores the order and continues. As she’s leaning down for another piece, she knocks a beaker over. I run to get some towels and when I get back she’s acting strangely. He’s fanning her hands and tearing up.)

Partner: “MITH! MITH, MY MOUTH—” *swallows chocolate* “MOUTH IS BURNING!”

Teacher: “What? What’s going on?”

Me: “We spilled some acid, but…”

Partner: “Ow! I dropped some chocolate in it, and when I ate it…”

(She didn’t have to finish her sentence before the teacher went white. She then dragged my partner out of the classroom.)

Partner: “But miss, you said it wouldn’t hurt!”

Teacher: “No, I said wouldn’t burn your HANDS if you washed it off immediately. It isn’t strong enough to do much harm on the outside, but putting it in your mouth… You stupid girl!”

(She ended up having to go to hospital, but made a full recovery. The entire school had to have a safety assembly over the risk when working in a science class.)

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