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Go Back To Montana

, , , | Right | CREDIT: Journalismist | March 8, 2022

I come in to work at a hotel and learn we are sold out tonight.

Thirty minutes later, this couple comes to the front desk, looking to be checked in. The woman is carrying a baby.

As soon as I get the woman’s ID, she notices our pool closure sign.

Woman: *Very loudly* “Your pool is the whole reason I got a room here!”

Me: “Well, I can cancel your reservation with a refund if you want.”

After all, if our pool is the only reason for them to be here, then they probably aren’t interested in staying here.

Woman: “No, we don’t want to cancel. We came all the way from Montana! But we want a reduced rate. We could find a cheaper rate for about a hundred bucks, otherwise!”

Me: “I can’t offer you a reduced rate. We’re sold out, and our rooms are just fine.”

This is our policy per management, and I’m not being flexible on a sold-out night.

The woman immediately starts berating me about refusing to discount their rate for their room, going as far as stating she wanted to stay here to help her poor sick baby.

Woman: “I want a manager!”

Me: “I’m the only one here, ma’am.”

So far, I’m thinking that this check-in is going between a rock and a hard place fast. I start to think about calling my manager to see what we can do, but then she utters these words:

Woman: “Do you not care about my child, you p***k? Is that really what you’re saying?”

Nope. Not doing this anymore. I’m refusing service, because now they are bullying me.

Me: “I am now refusing you service. This is not the right hotel for you.”

Immediately, her man started calling me horrible names. This began a tirade of them calling me names and expletives all the way out the door. They even sped their car down the parking lot. All the while, I just looked on. It was a whirlwind of emotion and action, let me tell you.

After that, I put them on the do-not-rent list (for obvious reasons), refunded the money on their card, and cancelled their reservation. I know some people would take their money, but there’s no use doing business with crazy. Besides, the room was sold already.

Some advice from the front desk: don’t bully the gatekeeper.

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