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Gluten Out Of Ten For Ignorance

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(My local store sells a select few items that are gluten-free, which is a wonderful find for us. It’s very limited but we love the selection: frozen pizzas, breakfast sandwiches, chicken fingers, etc. I am shopping with family and I grab a whole bunch of breakfast sandwiches. I’m not really paying attention to the date on them.)

Sister’s Wife: “Those expired last April.”

Me: “What?!”

(I look and, sure enough, the expiration date is April of 2016.)

Me: “That can’t be right; maybe that is the manufacture date?”

(But nope, it is the expiration date. We calmly bring them to the register and tell the cashier they are expired, and here is where the fun begins.)

Cashier: “No, they expire this coming April.”

Me: “Uh, no, we are in 2017, not 2016.”

(She continues to assert that they don’t expire for another few months. Finally, I politely ask:)

Me: “Can you page a supervisor?”

(The manager comes and I explain the situation.)

Manager: “Oh, no… gluten-free just means the product doesn’t expire.”

(We gave up after that and literally laughed the entire way home.)

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