(Glow)Stick of Bread

, | Right | August 28, 2009

(This happened a long time ago, not long after the Chernobyl nuclear reactor meltdown. I am marking bags of bread with large black X’s.)

Customer: “What are the X’s?”

Me: “The bread marked with an X is a day old, so it is half price.”

Customer: “The X means it’s contaminated by Chernobyl, doesn’t it?”

Me: “Nope. Just a day old.”

Customer: *winking and nodding.* “Riiight. Day-old. Gotcha.”

(A couple minutes later the manager comes and tells me to help the frozen food crew empty a freezer that has stopped working. As we are loading the frozen food into carts to take it back to the walk-in freezer, the same customer wanders by. Her eyes suddenly get very wide.)

Customer: “S***! Is there anything here that isn’t radioactive?”

(The customer hastily exited the store, leaving her cart of presumably radioactive groceries behind.)

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