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Glad He’s Doing This And Not Flying A Plane

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I arrived at the airport to get my husband from an incoming flight. He told me which door was closest to him, and I saw another car pull out right in front of the door. I put the car in park, and someone knocked on my window almost as soon as I let go of the gear shift.

Me: *Startled* “What?” *Realizing the person is an officer* “Yes?”

Officer: “This is for immediate unloading and loading only. You’ve been sitting here too long. You’ll have to go back around the airport and pick up your friend or loved one on the next trip.”

Me: “I just parked. My husband—”

Officer: “I’m not going to play around with you. If the person you’re picking up is not out here, you cannot park here. Now move along.”

My husband had just arrived at the car, opening the door beside the officer and loading his luggage into the back seat.

Husband: “Everything okay?”

Officer: “I just told you guys, you cannot sit here like this. Now move!

We exchanged a look and I shrugged.

Me: “I guess we’d better go.”

Husband: “Okay. Well, thank you for your time, officer.”

Officer: “That’s good. Go on now. You can do another lap to get whoever you’re picking up, but you can’t stay here.”

Me: “Okay, then. Have a nice day.”

I don’t know if the officer thought our car was another car that had been there previously or was just oblivious to the fact that my husband was putting his luggage in the car as they spoke. Either way, we left just like the officer wanted.

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