Giving Your Neighbor The Cold Shoulder

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My friend is the kind of person who would happily go to the ends of the earth to help his family or friends, but on the flip side, he has no patience at all for people who are intentionally rude or stupid.

A while back, his neighbor started an argument with him over some minor issue — I don’t think either of them even remembers what the original complaint was — and the neighbor blew it all out of proportion and ended up banning my friend from setting foot on his property ever again and blocking all forms of contact with him.

This suited my friend just fine, and he happily ignored the neighbor for some time. That is, until a package intended for the neighbor got delivered to his house by mistake. Irritated that he now had to do something about this package, he decided to be a bit maliciously helpful.

My friend took the package up to the start of the neighbor’s very long driveway and followed the rules to the letter: without setting foot onto the neighbor’s property, he leaned carefully over the property line and chucked the package as hard he could toward their house. As it flew down through the air, the wind caught it and pushed it to the side… and right into a deep snowbank. The package was covered in white plastic wrap, so it became instantly invisible.

Well, he thought, I literally did everything in my power to help, without breaking any of their rules. Not my problem anymore.

We never did hear from the neighbor about it, but we assume they were probably quite confused to find the package there when the snow melted.

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