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Giving You Banana Drama About The Toilet Rolls

, , , | Right | December 12, 2018

(I’m shopping for groceries in a supermarket near home. While waiting in line, I overhear two cashiers talking to each other about misbehaving customers.)

Cashier #1: “I had a mother wanting to buy a banana that had already been eaten! I told her that I couldn’t add that to her purchase just like that; I’d have to weigh it. She said her son had eaten it and he was only a few months old, and why shouldn’t he have eaten it; he’s just a child! Mind you, he actually looked quite a bit older, and anyway, I don’t see why he couldn’t wait. I told her she would have to get a banana from the fruit section so I could weigh that one, instead. But seriously, why couldn’t she just have had him wait some three minutes?!”

Cashier #2: “I know what you mean; that happened to me, as well! I also asked them to get a banana that I could weigh, instead.”

Cashier #1: “Why can’t people just wait? I don’t mind it that much if it’s chocolate; at least you can still scan the packaging. But, you know, my mother would never have allowed me to eat something before it’s been purchased! She would have told me that she’d need to buy it first! Why do people let their children do that?”

Cashier #2: “I had something even stranger happen. Once, a customer wanted to buy three separate rolls of toilet paper!”

Cashier #1: “What, removed from the packaging?”

Cashier #2: “Yes! Just three separate rolls. He said he only needed those three and didn’t want to buy more.”

Cashier #1: “Why would you even do that? Sooner or later you’d be out of toilet paper and need more, wouldn’t you? Who on earth has no use for more than three rolls?”

Cashier #2: “I don’t know! I told him he’d have to buy an entire package of toilet paper or none at all. I don’t know where he got the idea!”

(I left the store somewhat confused — with the cashiers on that one. What kind of person needs JUST three rolls so desperately that they open a package in the store for that? And what kind of person wants toilet paper that’s touched a conveyor belt?)

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