Giving You Baggage About Luggage

| Right | July 10, 2017

(My husband’s plane is delayed due to bad weather. When the connecting flight FINALLY gets in, over five hours late, most of the already irate passengers are greeted with the news that in the rush to get the plane in the air most of the baggage was not loaded. They are all told that the plane with their luggage will be flown in the next day and carriers will be hired to deliver them to their homes or hotels. The next afternoon a middle-aged man brings my husband’s suitcases to our home. I run around to find enough cash to give him a tip.)

Me: “Thank you so much for bringing our luggage. I am so sorry, I don’t have a lot of cash on me. I hope $15 will be enough.”

(At this point, this grown man’s eyes started tearing up.)

Me: *very concerned* “Oh, my. Are… are you all right? What’s wrong, sir?”

Carrier: “Yours are the first kind words I have gotten all day. Everyone has been so mean to me and yelling at me about their luggage not being on the plane.”

Me: “Why in the world would anyone be mad at you? It’s certainly not YOUR fault the airline messed up!”

Carrier: “You wouldn’t know that by the way people have treated me. They have yelled at me, cussed at me, threatened me…”

Me: *really not knowing what to say at that point* “I hope you have a better day from this point on.”

Carrier: “Lady, my day just got better by meeting you.”

(He turned around and left. I only hope his day did improve. Poor guy.)

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