Giving You A Reason To Smile

, , , , | Hopeless | May 11, 2016

(It’s about 4:30 in the morning and I am just starting the three-hour commute back to my job after visiting my parents. I am running kind of late so I just rolled out of bed and threw on some shoes to drive, so I look like a hot mess. In my state, you don’t pump your own gas; an attendant comes and does it for you. This time, the guy is about my age, and comes outside to the pump with the biggest smile on his face.)

Attendant: “Good morning, miss! Wow, you look beautiful today! You have the nicest smile I’ve seen around here all night!”

(I’m still half asleep so all I can manage is an embarrassed “Thank you!” The attendant continues to chatter happily, and after I’ve paid, asks me to stay for a moment while he runs inside.)

Attendant: “Here, miss, have a cup of coffee, on me! It’s a cold morning and you can’t be expected to drive without fresh coffee! Have a wonderful morning now, and keep that beautiful smile on!”

(I haven’t seen him since, but I’ll always remember his kindness and how he made my whole day that morning!)

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