Giving You A Dressing Down About What They’re Dressed Up As About The Salad Dressing

, , , , | Right | January 1, 2021

I am shopping at [Grocery Store], whose only identifying uniform to me is a bright red apron with the store’s logo on the front. I’m after a particular brand and flavor of salad dressing that another customer happens to be standing in front of. This other customer is wearing khaki pants and a black polo.

Me: “Excuse me, bu—”

The other customer cuts me off mid-word, serving me a death glare, and yelling:

Other Customer: “I do not work here! I will not help you, because I do not work here! This is not this store’s uniform! Go find a real g**d*** employee to help you! Why in the h*** won’t you people leave me alone?!”

I am taken aback and slightly shocked from being yelled at out of nowhere.

Me: “I… was just trying to ask you if you would move a little so that I could get a bottle of [salad dressing]. It’s right behind you on the shelf.” 

The other customer gapes at me for a second before a very embarrassed look comes across their face. They look down at their phone and shuffle forward a few steps so that I can reach the product I was after.

Me: “Thanks.”

I grabbed my bottle of salad dressing and hurried away. I don’t even want to know what type of day this person was having.

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