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Giving Voice(s) To Reason

| Romantic | June 10, 2015

(My girlfriend gets a nasty cut in the webbing between her fingers from some broken glass, and she really should’ve gotten stitches, but her mom (who never actually saw the cut) tells her she is just overreacting and doesn’t need to go. By the time she goes to a clinic it is too late. Stitches would lead to an infection, so we have to just wait for it to heal on its own. The cut also aggravates her psoriasis, causing a massive breakout on her palms. For these reasons, I have taken over all dishwashing duties and miscellaneous chores so she can heal. However, I am notorious for HATING dishes and put them off far too long for her liking. The sink has been full for about a day or so.)

Girlfriend: “Those dishes really need doing.”

Me: “Nnggrrrrr….”

Girlfriend: “They’re starting to pile up…”

Me: “Mrrrrrr…”

Girlfriend: “They’re starting to call out for you. Hear them? They’re going, [My Name]! [My Name]!”

Me: *clasping my hands and speaking in an overly sweet tone* “Now, sweetie, when the dishes start talking to you… When was the last time you took your meds?”

Girlfriend: “Oh, no, see, they’re not talking to ME. They’re talking to YOU!”

Me: “Ah, yes, but YOU’RE the one who’s hearing them!”

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