Giving Up On Sex

| Learning | April 7, 2017

(We have just finished the reproductive system in biology. Our teacher has gotten us to write any sex-related questions we wish to ask on paper and put them in a box.)

Teacher: *reading from paper* “Is sex still enjoyable if you are circumcised?”

(Our head of year, who is from a religion that practices circumcision, walks in.)

Teacher: “Let’s just skip that question.”

Head Of Year: “What are you all discussing?”

Teacher: “Sex-related questions.”

Head Of Year: “Uh… okay. I think I will go and check on one of the other classes.”

(Our head of year practically runs out of the room and the class bursts into laughter. A few questions later the head teacher and deputy head walk in.)

Teacher: “I give up.”

Head Teacher: “You give up on what?”

Teacher: “Apparently everyone decided to do learning walks the one lesson I attempt to do something off syllabus with this lot.”

(Head Teacher walked over and read the slip of paper, blushed, and left the room, resulting in the class laughing again.)

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