Giving Their Two Cents On Their Two Pence

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(I am scanning two small items for an elderly man.)

Me: “Your total is £9.98, sir.”

Elderly Man: “Not a problem.”

(He gets £10 out of his wallet and hands it to me. I hand him his change and his receipt, which shows the price of each item, as well as the total.)

Me: “Your change today is two pence, and here’s your receipt. Enjoy the rest of your day!”

Elderly Man: *stares blankly at me, but doesn’t move*

Me: “Is there something else I can help you with, sir?”

Elderly Man: “Why did you give me two pence?”

Me: “That was your change. Your total was £9.98 and you gave me £10.”

Elderly Man: “No!”

Me: “No? It’s printed right there on the receipt in your hand. See? The [item] was £4.99, and your bought two.”

Elderly Man: “These [items] are too expensive! I won’t pay for them!”

Me: “Um… I’m sorry you feel that way, sir. But you did pay for them, and now you have your change.”

Elderly Man: “No! Look at these price tags!” *shows me one item’s tag, which is ever so slightly smudged, but is still very much readable as £4.99* “It looks like £1.99! I was under the impression that I was getting a good deal! They should be £1.99!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. They’re not £1.99. The correct total came up twice on the screen when I scanned the items, I told you your total, and it’s correctly printed on the receipt.”

Elderly Man: *glares at me, still unmoving*

Me: *realising I’m not going to win this one* “I can process a refund if you’d like.”

Elderly Man: “Yes, you’d better! They should be £1.99! You need to fix your price tags, every last one of them!”

(He snatched his change and stormed off toward a sweet-looking, elderly woman I hadn’t noticed before, presumably his wife. Apparently the items were for her, and he told her that she couldn’t have them because I tried to overcharge him. She left, looking incredibly disappointed. I’m sorry, lady. I tried!)

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