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Giving Them Your Two Cents, And Seventy-Seven More…

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Customer Mail: 

“You wrongfully charged my credit card 7,90€ for a subscription I already cancelled. Due to this, I give you a deadline of forty-eight hours to meet my following demands:

  1. End my subscription on [date about two weeks in the future].
  2. Apologise.
  3. Refund my money and add 10% interest for the money you illegally withheld from me, covering my losses.

If you fail to meet my demands completely, I will take this case to my lawyer.”

My Answer:

“Dear [Customer],

We did not receive any notice before today that you wanted to cancel your subscription. The regular timeframe to cancel accordingly would be [date two weeks in the future].

However, as the sum in question is an important part of your financial portfolio, we decided to cancel your subscription immediately and refund you the whole sum.

We will not be able to pay you the mentioned 0,79€ interest and our legal department is awaiting your lawyer’s written statement. Please keep in mind that a regular letter needs a postage of 0,80€ and we will not be able to refund you anything for that within company policy. So, we would ask you to consider straining your funds unnecessarily in order to avoid further financial losses.”

I checked in with my supervisor to see if I’d gone too far. He treated me to a coffee for making him the entertainer of the week when he read it out loud to the other supervisors in the weekly meeting.

Question of the Week

Have you ever met a customer who thought the world revolved around them?

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