Giving Them A Grand Opening To Exit Peacefully

, , , | Right | CREDIT: macsmith230 | September 23, 2020

Customer: “I was in here a few weeks before and gotten shorted on one of my carryout meals. We were leaving town and we didn’t notice until we had driven too far to come back for it, Can you please give me another meal to make up for it.”

Me: “I’ll need to check with the owner for that.”

The owner is nearby so I call him over and ask the customer to repeat the story. The owner asked him to verify that it was a couple of weeks before, which the customer does.

Owner: “I see. I want to know if you noticed the ‘Grand Opening’ sign on the building as you walked in, as we’ve only been open for two days.”

He comments as he quickly slouches his way back out:

Me: “I… have not noticed the sign. Maybe he was thinking of a different restaurant…”

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