Giving The Gift Of Life

| Related | April 25, 2013

(Before my mom gave birth to me, she referred to me as a ‘present’ for my older sister to take care of, and love, and so on. When I am born, my mom shows me to my sister for the first time.)

Mom: “And this is your baby brother!”

Sister: “This is the present?”

Mom: “Yes, would you like to hold him?”

Sister: “Yes!”

(My mom hands me to my sister.)

Sister: “He’s my present!”

Mom: “Yes, he is indeed.”

(My sister runs away holding me at this point. My mom starts chasing her.)

Mom: “Can I have your brother back? I need to feed him.”

Sister: “But he’s mine!”

Mom: “…what?”

Sister: “You said he’s my present, so he belongs to me!”

Mom: “But honey—”

Sister: “HE’S MINE!”

(My mom chases my sister around for a couple minutes until she is finally able to convince her to give me back. My sister and I are very close as of present!)

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