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Giving The Gift Of Confusion

, , | Right | December 26, 2017

(I am the customer in this story. It’s the 26th of December, and I’m calling customer support for an online retailer.)

Me: “Yeah, you see, I recently received this package from you guys but I didn’t ask for it.”

Support: “Did you check or buy on our website recently?”

Me: “Actually, yes, I’ve bought a few things, just not this one. It’s a ship for one to mount and paint, you know? I don’t remember buying that.”

Support: “Did you receive some unexpected payment in your card?”

Me: “No, not, at all. Maybe it’s somebody else’s. Maybe somebody bought it and by some sort of mistake it came to me and now they’re waiting for it.”

Support: “Is your name on the package? Is it addressed to you?”

Me: “Yes, yes, of course it is. I wouldn’t have taken it otherwise.”

Support: “Sir, maybe it’s a gift from someone?”

Me: “…”

Support: “Sir?”

Me: “Uh… yeah, that makes sense. A gift. Of course. Thanks for your help.”

Support: “Thanks for calling and Merry Christmas, sir.”

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