Giving Me A Lump In My Throat

, , , | Hopeless | November 12, 2016

(I have just gotten back from sleepaway camp in upstate New York. Nearing the final days, I started feeling very sick, which turns out to be an infection in my throat. It gets to the point where I moan in pain every time I swallow. After leaving the camp, my family decides to stop at a restaurant to eat. I feel horrible in the restaurant and it is easy to see. I am lying in my mother’s lap, with two sweatshirts on. This interaction happens when we are paying our check.)

Mom: “Can we get this iced tea in a to-go cup? My son wants to save it for later since his throat is hurting.”

Waitress: “Sure. What’s wrong with him?”

Mom: “His throat is bothering him and we want to get him back to our hotel to get him some aspirin.”

Waitress: “Okay. I’ll be right back.”

(When the waitress came back, she not only came back with a very large cup with the tea, she also bring some of her own aspirin. Waitress, if you’re reading this, thank you. You made my night much less painful for me.)

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