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Giving Her And The Table Something To Stand On

, , , | Hopeless | October 1, 2016

My mom has recently bought a new dining table and chairs, so she needs to get rid of her old one. I post an ad on a second-hands website to give it away for free, since it’s a quite old table, but in very good condition.

I quickly receive a reaction to the ad and we settle a date for the people to come and get the table. I also arrange for my husband to come at her place ASAP after his work to fix her new table.

My mom has recently been diagnosed with cancer and is in the middle of her treatment which shows by her wearing a headkerchief to cover her loss of hair, and she is not able to help lift the table since she has a PEG tube.

In the afternoon I receive a message from her:

“Those people were so nice! They immediately told me not to worry about lifting the table, and they even fixed my new one!”

This is something which made her very happy since she loves colouring and stuff, so she really needs a table.

It was a small gesture from those people, total strangers to my mom, but it really made me happy they did that!

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